24 CFR 982. 456

The tenant may exercise any right or remedy against the owner under the lease between the tenant and the owner, including enforcement of the owner's obligations under the tenancy addendum (which is included both in the HAP contract between the PHA and the owner, and in the lease between the tenant and the owner).

I was threaten that if fight against the landlord ( on his fabrication) and don't move, I will loose my voucher. Regardless if the owner violated program rules or I complained about the living conditions, I couldn't fight against retaliatory eviction.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Housing Opportunity Commission Montgomery County, Maryland "Public trust and confidence does matter"


24 CFR 964.135

Resident involvement in HA management operations. Residents shall be involved and participate in the overall policy development and direction of Public Housing operations. (a) Resident management corporations (RMCs) may contract with HAs to perform one or more management functions provided the resident entity has received sufficient training and/or has staff with the necessary expertise to perform the management functions and provided the RMC meets bonding and licensing requirements. (b) Residents shall be actively involved in a HA’s decision-making process and give advice on matters such as modernization, security, maintenance, etc.

My reason for implementing that 24 CFR 964.135 HUD regulation above because HOC forgot what HUD's original purpose and why HUD was created. As a person from the public, college student and a resident under HOC, I have the right to ask questions of accountability. Even though, I was harass and threaten for exercising my rights, I still believe in the Constitution- to redress the government and the 1st Amendment. As we witness bullying tactics and allege corruption from government officials in the news this disease is spread throughout the United States. First question, " How HOC Commissioners on the board serve terms in office more than the President of the United States? What is the purpose? That's why is the culture is set in HOC environment  and will remain until there is some unified changes. Is it control and dictatorship to run an agency for a personal benefit? Why do a Commissioners or the public official who appoints a Commissioner want to stay on the board for a lifetime? What is the hidden agenda, purpose or plan? Political payback? What I found interesting that a fellow Commissioner once ask me am I going to hold the CEO accountable? Why not? Is he above the law?  I attended an HOC meeting in 2/1/2012  and a Commissioner raise some concerns that they didn't want to me speak to the CEO on camera. Is that why the CEO called my house in a threatening tone to bully me, twice?

Public trust and confidence is at a low-time low- time nationally in the local, State and Federal government, this cancer is rising throughout the nation. Integrity can't be brought and it's not found in an education (politician) nor a suit and tie. Can integrity be brought back while the bullying tactics cease against certain class of citizens who ask questions accountability?

Monday, October 21, 2013

Housing Opportunity Commission of Montgomery County, MD - My Personal Housing Journey


I am telling my story to help others who are and will experience this situation if you speak out against landlords, HOC or the government in Montgomery County. There is no comprehensive solution to resolve the housing issues without threats and intimidation especially against the protected class of citizens in Montgomery County. The housing anti eviction laws isn't executed however used to oppressed individuals who has claims against the landlord. Montgomery County has a historic record of gender, racial and ethnic biases and prejudices and have no comprehensive strategy to improve these disparities within the community nor has public forum for participation (laws are implemented without citizen's input). I understand the attitudes of the government officials who believes in suppressing public opinions that violates public trust that exposes the integrity of government relations in Montgomery County. If you fail to comply to the government oppressive tactics you are considered against the government when it's your constitutional 1st Amendment right to redress the government. Every weapon used to stop me from expressing my rights of these events made me more convince that I was exposing the real truth which they try to suppress.

This is where I lived in Cinnamon Run apartments and was threaten by HOC that if I don't move I could lose my voucher nothing I had done to violate the lease. There is not HCV nor a tenant rights advocacy in Montgomery County. If you complain which it is your right, you will be threaten. If you are a Housing Choice Voucher participant your chances of getting adequate assistance from HOC is 0 %. There are HUD rules that protects residents under 24 CFR 982 and understand there is a HAP contract that you and your landlord agreed with HOC. This agreement, the HAP under 24 CFR 982.456 - you have a right to remedy against the owner under the lease agreement. This is something that HOC or any agency will not inform you of your rights. They will bully you and blame you if you desire a decent safe place to live which is required under HUD policies. My apartment failed inspection and I was blamed for exposing these incidents because HCV participants has no rights in Montgomery County however treated as second class citizens. Even though I am a trained with HUD policies as a Commissioner and not "sold out"- I have been treated with much disrespect and bullied because my apartment failed inspection and I complained about the living conditions. That only tells me how much I am right on track, they are afraid that enough citizens get educated about the inequality and disparity in Montgomery County, they would spend all resources to keep these issues suppressed. Montgomery County don't like tenant unions and don't want tenants to have a voice.

Your tenancy agreement HUD 52641 should be attached to your lease - it states you have a right to enforce your lease to enforce your lease the tenancy addendum against the owner. If there is any conflict between the tenancy addendum and any other provisions of the lease, the language of the tenancy addendum shall control. Which means the landlord must go by the tenancy agreement. My apartment failed inspection which violated the HAP contract under 24 CFR 982.453 The landlord failed to maintain the unit in accordance to Housing Quality Standards. They landlord got away with it however fabricated that I have someone living with me on 4/27/12. Then I was threaten to move based on the landlords fabrication by HOC (Commissioners). There is no HUD rule that a HCV tenant can not advocate for their housing as stated on 24 CFR 982.456 on the tenancy agreement, HOC wrongfully threaten the "vulnerable"? We thought that the Republicans don't like the poor but HOC an agency (under HUD), don't like the poor however threaten residents willingly without any supportive regulations. Listen there is no HUD regulations that support this rhetoric from HOC. I went to court and was refused due process under the Constitution. I was violated of my rights of the access to justice by the Judge, court officers and landlord who worked hard together to try to discourage me from my rights. I received the court transcripts - the Judge stated that the notice from the landlord isn't a breach of lease and the landlord admitted that I didn't breach the lease on court records. So who is lying? HOC or the landlord. What is the conspiracy? I have a written statement from HOC in Montgomery County CEO that the landlord states "I breach my lease" therefore I have to move. I was never evicted for the breach of the lease the landlord fabricated by court documents. So why was I unlawfully evicted? Do HOC who gets federal funding from HUD believes in making HCV residents homeless when they complain about their quality life? Why is HUD allowing these abuses against the vulnerable? Is that why there is a homeless issue in Montgomery County because of HOC tactics against the "vulnerable" under their program? HOC states they don't help the residents with landlord issues, can you believe that? There is a tenancy agreement and it's HOC job is to assist the resident and ensure they are living under HQS standards, my apartment failed these standards by HOC why would the CEO fabricate that HOC have nothing to do with HVC quality of life! Where is his integrity? So they push this issue off to Landlord and Tenant Affairs who don't enforce anything but make you move regardless if you are right or wrong. In addition, not trained for federal subsidized tenants and HUD rules which violates the tenancy agreement with HUD, that is between the owner, HOC and resident. Landlords aren't above the law they have biases and prejudice issues, too.

Watch the video, my car kept getting scratches and dents, my apartment standards, drunk and violent, drug activity, intoxicated residents at my balcony cursing in front of small children, and much more! When I address this at the HOC meeting I was treated with disrespect by the CEO while the Commissioners supported this abuse (Commissioners served on the board longer than the President of the United States). This is unacceptable to live this way when it's a requirement from HUD "the right to decent and safe housing". They desire to suppress these actions however believes that they don't have to sit with low income community with respect to work out these sort of in differences without threats or intimidation.  HUD believes in resident participation under CFR 934.135. They refuse tenants coming together to improve their community where they live. Do anyone deserve to live this way? They are busy trying to suppress this sort of issues ... they believe that I  don't deserve anything better than this but they want all the federal dollars, for their "pay check?"